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(New!) Downtown Chicken & Broccoli

Rs. 195.00

Juicy smoked chicken, fresh broccoli, crispy garlic chips, jalapenos, and fresh basil - this is a real New York City favourite. Try it on the NY Style Crust!


(New!) The Full Power Pizza

Rs. 195.00

This is a pizza for the full-hearted, adventurous types! Smoked mutton sausage, fried onions, pineapple, and red paprika pack it with a series of punches that will surely leave you knocked out! 

Cyber Hub Chorizo Special

Rs. 195.00

Our Staff's all time favourite! Your choice of Chicken or Pork Chorizo on a bed of Fresh Garlic and chopped green chillies. As usual, feel free to add more toppings below.


Rs. 195.00

A little sweet, a little salty! Chunks of golden pineapple with slices of chicken ham.

Mall of India Special

Rs. 195.00

Succulent shreds of smoked chicken complemented by tangy jalapenos. You can choose whether to add pork bacon bits or not (we usually do!).


Rs. 195.00

This is the hero of all pizzas. Crisp, succulent pork or chicken pepperoni is all you need to fall in love. As usual, feel free to add more toppings below.

The Monster Deep Dish Pizza (Non Veg)

Rs. 650.00

Beast Mode Meat Eater's Dream Pizza.

It goes like this - two layers of Instapizza signature crust, stuffed with mounds of oozing cheese and any toppings you choose, topped with our rich, garlicky arrabiata sauce. Try the pizza that all of Delhi is talking about.

Note on the time: This pizza will take up to 60 minutes to deliver, as the prep and baking time is substantially longer. 

Recommendations: Preheat your oven and give it a crisp when it gets to you. Make sure your AC is on full blast in a dark room so you can crawl into bed and hibernate once you're done. Happy eating! 

West Delhi Summer Pizza

Rs. 195.00

Prefer it hot? Try this! Spicy Chicken Tikka Sausage with Fresh Garlic, Green Chilli, and Capscium. As usual, feel free to add more toppings below.