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The Hungry Teen Special

Rs. 795.00

The Hungry Teen Special is named after none other than Mr. Satvik Sethi, a devoted pizza eater, fan of Instapizza, and carnivore.

This absolute BEAST of a pizza has been designed by Mr. Sethi himself, and comes fully loaded with:

- Bacon
- Chicken Pepperoni
- Pork Pepperoni
- Chicken Tikka Sausage
- Ham
- Olives
- Mushrooms
- Sundried Tomatoes
- Fresh Basil

Satvik has tried numerous crazy combinations at Instapizza, and has finally settled on this as his favorite. Handle with care - this is no joke of a pizza!

Please Note: Contains Pork

On another note, give our friend Satvik some love and check out his blog and music!