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LATENIGHTLOVE for 15% discount on Midnight Offers

Rs. 714.00

Choose from the pizzas below, and get a side for only Rs. 79! 

Our sides normally cost from Rs. 99 - 175. 

Galleria Special fresh garlic, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes
Indian Hot paneer, green chillies, fresh tomatoes, & capsicum
Vasant Vihar Special char-grilled zucchini, fresh garlic, fried onions, rocket, & sundried tomatoes 

Mall of India Specialsmoked chicken & jalapenos
Double Spicy Chicken spicy chicken meatballs, chicken tikka sausage, onion, sweetcorn, & red paprika
Pigging Out - pork pepperoni, pork chorizo, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, & garlic

Garlic Twist - pillowy knots of dough filled with garlic butter and cheese
Bagel Bombs! - 2 cricket ball sized bagel bombs stuffed with veg or non-veg toppings and a 3-cheese blend