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Taking small steps to help make our communities better.
#OpenUpLife is about using our resources to give back
We need your help to decide between one of three amazing charities.

We will dedicate 150 hours of volunteer time per month
for the next year, and donate Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.

We are confident that we can make a big difference with our efforts.
Find out more about the charities, and vote below!
Salaam Baalak
Caring for Orphans
Instapizza will work to plan new activities, tutor and mentor children, upgrade facilities, and help with job placement. And... have fun with the awesome kids!
Red Paws Rescue
Caring for Animals
Instapizza will care for stray animals around our outlets in feeding and neutering, and will also expand awareness of the issues these lovely animals face.
Picture Wala
Bringing Joy to Slums
Instapizza will plan weekly activities with the PW kids, ranging from sports to art, film, theatre, and field trips under our supervision. We'll work tirelessly to spark imaginations and ideas!
The #OpenUpLife Short Film
After you watch, please vote below!
Salaam Baalak Trust
Helping children without families realise dreams.
Red Paws Rescue
Helping stray animals, one dog and cat at a time.
Picture Wala
Creating joy for the street children of Delhi.