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#OpenUpLife is about using our resources to give back.
The motive behind this cause is to dedicate 150 hours of volunteer time per month for the next year and donate Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to - 
Red Paws Rescue
Caring for Animals
Instapizza will care for stray animals around our outlets in feeding and neutering, and will also expand awareness of the issues these lovely animals face.
                                                                                       INSTA PRO-KABADDI LEAGUE
Let's take a deep breath for this one because we are going to say Kabaddi a lot. The biggest thing which is blindsided by major corporations is the motivation of employees, and we are not talking about buying it by giving an absurd raise in salary. It's motivation, engagement and retention at Instapizza by the integration of sports. We created an 'Insta Pro-Kabaddi league' in September, and this month is filled with conversations of Shraad, Navratra and Pro-Kabaddi. It brought about amazing team spirit between managers and employees which helped us in winning the bigger game of running a successful restaurant chain. 
Insta Pro kabaddi League
Since life is about 'thoda push karo' for being healthy, we pulled them out of their zone with the sunrise at sharp 7 A.M. They were geared up to cross the line and play a great game of Kabaddi. Our victory in all this was a 30% turnover and unbreakable team spirit between outlets. We call it BREAK THE ICE PHENOMENA at Instapizza. Winner winner pizza chicken dinner!