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Shark Party - Two XL Party Pizzas @15 % off

Rs. 1,426.00

Buy any two Xl party pizzas and get a flat 15% off !!

Choose from pizzas below :

Galleria Special fresh garlic, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes 
Haryali Paneer - haryali paneer, candied jalapenos & onions. 
Good Earth Salad Pizza - olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, rocket leaves & rosemary. 
Kalkaji Special - mushrooms, onions, black olives and thyme 
Veggie Deluxe - sweetcorn, capsicum, mushrooms, & fresh tomatoes with red paprika.
Indian Hot - paneer, green chillies, fresh tomatoes, & capsicum
Vasant Vihar Special - fresh zucchini, fresh garlic, fried onions, rocket, & sundried tomatoes  
Chilly Garlic Mushroom - chilly garlic mushrooms, garlic, capsicum & red paprika 
Farmer's Market Pizza - broccoli, fresh garlic, candied jalapenos, basil and rocket 

Non Vegetarian: 
Mall of India Special - smoked chicken & jalapenos 
Haryali Chicken - haryali chicken, candied jalapenos and onions 
Chilly Garlic Chicken - chilly garlic chicken, fresh garlic, capsicum and red paprika 
Pepperoni - the hero of all pizzas- your choice of chicken or pork pepperoni.  
Cyber Hub Chorizo Special - chicken or pork chorizo, fresh garlic and green chillis 
West Delhi Summer Pizza - chicken tikka, garlic, green chilli and capsicum 
Hawaiian - the American classic- chicken or pork ham with pineapples and jalapenos.  
Double Spicy Chicken smoked chicken, chicken tikka sausage, onion, sweetcorn, & red paprika 
Pigging Out - pork pepperoni, pork chorizo, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, & garlic

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